Less is Better


To improve the lives of our patients by addressing their skin concerns in a visible, sustainable and pleasurable way. Patients have expectations, we deliver.

We think different

We are not like other dermo cosmetic brands:

Too much stimulation is not good for your skin! Some heritage brands recommend over-stimulation, even when your skin is red, flaking and hurting. Skin irritation should not be overcome by continued stimulation, more inflammation, and redness: this can compromise the skin-barrier function and lead to hyper sensitive skin.

elementrē believes in delivering sustainable results while protecting your skin’s integrity and long-term health.

It’s not good enough that ‘the Doctor said...’!

Other heritage brands will tell you they are THE authority, and that their doctors know best.

elementrē enables patients to make informed choices on active ingredients and optimal protocols – so that YOU know best.

There is no secret ingredient that is The Key to younger skin. Stories about rare or Japanese brewery extracts or Nobel-prize concepts as Keys to younger skin: these are just marketing stories.

elementrē believes that formulation is like cooking: high-quality ingredients optimally combined deliver great results. Simply.

Your functional cosmetic doesn’t need to smell bad, be sticky and uncomfortable to get you the results you expect!

Some brands expect patients to put up with discomfort to get results.

elementrē strives to offer visible cosmetic results with superior comfort – so that you can consistently achieve better skin.

Safe Formulations

We are convinced that high standards of consumer safety are the cornerstone for building a trusted range of products. Supported by science and strictly complying with regulatory requirements, elementrē dermo cosmetics are safe: with toxicologist clearance on all formulations and regulatory compliance in all markets where we are sold.

No to Animal Testing & Microplastics

elementrē dermo cosmetics does not conduct, commission, or fund animal testing, ever. In some cases: raw materials used in our formulations may have been tested on animals by the manufacturers if or when explicitly required by Law (regulations like REACH, ECHA, EFSA, SCCS, National Chemical Authorities).

All elementrē products are vegan and do not contain any micro plastics.

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